Here at Halal Place, you can find places to eat, places to pray, places to shop and services!

Halal Palace

Psst… there’s a Halal Place around the corner!

Salam from the team at Halal Place!

Now we know how hard it is to find a quality halal restaurant or a clean and quiet place to pray when we're out and about. We're not always sure whether our banking, food, entertainment, or even if our car repair is reliable and halal. And where do we go when we need to give a gift? Explore where you are like never before…

Our team of maverick marketers, social media specialists, world class designers and developers are constantly working on our offering to ensure we present you with something that won’t bore, and is as useful as it is beautiful.

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This is nothing short of a celebration of what Muslims have to offer.

We love who we are, we love what we represent, we definitely love what we do, and we hope you will love it too.


Syed Ahmad

Chief Exec, Halal Place


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What you'll find at Halal Place

It's pretty simple: anything that's a Halal Place! We've been working incredibly hard to bring you a truly useful application. Find a prayer room on your way to eat, collect discounts while you're out, save as you spend and explore hidden treasures around you - wherever you are! #LOVEHalal

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Halal Place is the go-to for British Muslims today. We offer a range of conveniences, from locating suitable places to eat and pray when you're out and about, to finding the very best Shariah-compliant business and retail services across the UK. Use your location and your preferences to choose from our valued services by signing up today as a USER or BUSINESS.